Healthy Eating

We take pride in what we serve your children at nursery and make sure that all children are well fed and have a great relationship with food. Our menus change each week and are on a four-week rota. All of our meals are nutritionally balanced, and we pay special attention to reducing salt and sugar and cater to all food allergies or requirements.

We encourage our staff to eat with our children, so it mirrors their mealtimes at home, sitting as a group and having lovely conversations around our meal tables whilst encouraging good table manners and trying new foods.

We regularly take on feedback from our staff, children and parents in order to help us to maintain successful mealtimes and meet all of the children’s individual needs.

We like to support and encourage healthy eating and grow some of our own fruit and vegetables in our garden area. This means the children can help grow their own food and understand where some foods come from. The children are always thrilled to see their creations on their plate and the Summer strawberries are always a big win!