Our Approach

At Yellow Star Nursery every child is treated as an individual. We will ensure that each child’s needs are met during their time in our care. This means that a perfect balance of education, play and rest is achieved.

We will encourage children to explore the world confidently, learn to use their imagination and know how to express themselves. Our philosophy is that Yellow Star children should be confident, content, caring and share. We introduce social skills and help children to build relationships, through play and independence and ensure they have high values of themselves and others.

Our objective is to enhance the physical, emotional and educational development of Yellow Star children and encourage them to develop creative thinking.

Each child will be assigned to a key person prior to their start date. The key workers role is to ensure that your child’s care is shaped to meet their individual needs and the key person knows all about your child, from what their home comforts are, their development and all the bits in-between. A primary bond is essential for a baby or child to feel secure and create further bonds with other staff members. It’s also important for parents to have someone to communicate with and provide reassurance or advice where needed. It’s important to us that we see and speak to our parents to build a strong partnership and ensure your child thrives at Yellow Star.